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 Do you want to get started in the fashion business; do you need samples made for overseas manufacture? Then come and see us. Many of our tailors are ex sample makers for some of Australia’s biggest brands.

 Curtains, quilt covers, tables clothes, cushions. Our skilled professionals can take care of many of your specific Homeware requirements.

 Do you have a lot of ‘old’ loved clothes in your wardrobe or handed down to you or that do not fit? Bring them to us and our staff can remodel them.

 – If you are going to a fancy dress party or need a costume for a school play, see our creative staff and they may be able to help you.

 We professionally alter leather clothes to give that “perfect fit” We expertly patch tears in leather garments.

 – Our tailors machine sew or hand sew your garments and some other items as required.
– If you want that small job done, such as a library bag made, or your curtains hemmed, or even your bed sheets altered, bring them in to one of our stores and our tailors will provide you with a reasonable quote.
– We also sew on badges, hooks and eyes, press studs and many more.

 Bring your torn jeans, pants or other garments and we will discuss with you the best way to patch the garment. Our expert tailors are very creative in mending garments.

 Not only do we sew the footy numbers on the jumpers, but we sell the numbers in a range of sizes.

 – If your buttons have fallen off, bring them in and our tailors will quickly sew them back.
– We will make the button holes as well, if you need them.
– We will replace broken jean studs.
– We can arrange for a variety of studs and eyelets to be replaced.

 We can lengthen many garments by adding a false hem. Bring the garment in to any of our stores, together with the shoes that you would like to wear, and we will advise you on the best means of lengthening the garment.