Clothing Alteration and Repair Services

affordable clothing alterations and repairs

affordable clothing alterations and repairs

Our expert tailors can provide all types of clothing alterations for you. Here are some of the services available to you at Roger’s Tailoring.

Shorten or Lengthen

Bring your garments to us for shortening or lengthening, our expert tailors can make professional adjustments to:

  • pants;
  • jacket hems;
  • jacket sleeves;
  • skirts; and
  • dresses including formal wear.


Our expert tailors can resize clothes by adjusting your garment’s:

  • waist;
  • back; or
  • side seams.

Taper or Slimline

For the perfect fit and to compliment your body our expert tailors can taper or slimline your clothes.


For all types of clothing repairs, bring your clothes to Roger’s Tailoring.

Replace Broken Zippers

Roger’s Tailoring offers an expert job to replace broken zippers.


Like to remodel the design and style of your clothes? Bring them in and our expert tailors will take care of them.

Alter Leather and Suede

Our expertise includes alterations to leather and suede garments.

Silk Saddle

Triple the life of your pants by adding a silk saddle.

Fast Jeans Shortening Service

Fast service available: 15 minute jeans shortening (conditions apply)